Enable your respondents with new tools

To increase productivity and autonomy, iAdvize lets you give your respondents more tools. These features are disabled by default. To activate them, go to the settings and choose the tools you want to give to your agents.


1. Access the settings

To access these settings from iAdvize administration, click on :

Engagement > Settings > Agent settings.

2. Choose the indicators for your agents


2.1 Confidentiality


If enabled, this setting allows you to track the performance of your agents (LTA, satisfaction, sales, etc.) in real time. The second tool enables managers to view all of the agents' conversations so that they can intervene if necessary.


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2.2 Access to visitor navigation


The mirroring function provides direct access to the visitor's monitor by reproducing their screen on the respondent's screen. Thanks to the co-browsing function, and if the visitor agrees, the agent can also take control of the visitor's mouse to guide them through the purchasing process.


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2.3 Snoozed or closed conversations


You can enable your respondent to view, process and automatically close snoozed conversations using this functionality. 

You can also give agents visibility of their closed conversations.


NB : By giving access to snoozed conversations, respondents and ibbü experts will be able to see all details of their snoozed conversations on a specific page of their panel. They will be able to re-open a snoozed conversation before the visitor returns or before the end of the timeout period.





2.4 Notes


In settings, you can activate comments. This will enable agents to add manual notes to conversations to help them follow up. The Smart summary feature boosts your agents' productivity by providing them with a summary of the conversation transferred to them by another respondent or by a bot. The Smart Summary is displayed in the agent's language once five or more messages have been exchanged.


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2.5 Access to indicators


This feature gives agents access to their indicators. This way, they can have an overview of their own performance indicators. You can choose which KPIs they can access, and where (table, panel).


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You can then choose to display these indicators in a widget on the panel. In this case, the day's indicators will be displayed in real time. You can also decide to display them in a separate dashboard so that your agents can access their performance indicators over different periods.


To find out more about respondent and their indicators, please consult the article dedicated to them : Access your indicators.


All the selected indicators will be activated by client ID (CID), so all your projects will automatically benefit from this functionality; in short, all the advisers working on your various projects will have an overview of their work.


To go further : You can read the article : Defining indicators to find out more about how these indicators are calculated. Invite your agents to find out more about using their performance data with the help of this practical sheet.