Manage Video conversations on the iAdvize mobile app

Agents can now handle video conversations on iAdvize mobile app (iOS/Android).

1. I can now handle video conversations on iAdvize app

1.1 I need to allow iAdvize app to my camera/microphone before starting my incoming video chat

  • When it is the 1st time that I receive a video chat, I can accept the invitation or refuse it
  • iOS : If the 1st time I did not accept the invitation to allow iAdvize app to use my camera/microphone, then for the next video calls, I will receive the invitation again. I will be redirected to the settings to manually give iAdvize app right to use my camera/microphone 
  • Android : for next incoming video calls I can be proposed the invitation again, if the 1st time I did not accept the invitation
video-on-app01.1EN.png video-on-app01.2EN.png

1.2 If my screen is locked, I will receive a push notification when there is an incoming video chat

  • If I click on the push notification, I am redirected to the Incoming call screen
on iOS


1.3 If I am in the app, I will be notified that a video call is coming 

  • I can see my face on the screen. The visitors won't be able to see me until I accept the video
  • I can choose whether to start the video or not by pressing the button “Go” or “Decline” :
    • if I choose to start the video, the video chat will start
      • Please note that I have about 30 seconds to accept the video chat. If not picked up, the video chat will be ended, but I can still find this chat in my conversation list with a video icon attached to it. 
    • if I choose to refuse the video chat, I can still access to the chat :
      • I will be redirected to my conversation list, and you can find this chat with a video icon attached to it. 
on iOS

1.4 During ongoing video call…

  • I will be notified of the incoming messages from my visitor
  • I can easily enter the composition area if needed to send messages to my visitor by clicking at left-up corner 
  • I can activate and deactivate my camera & micro at any time by tapping on the video and microphone icon
  • I can switch from different cameras by tapping on the icon on the right-up corner
  • I can hang up/out my video conversation by tapping the "hang-up" icon
  • I can activate the landscape mode if needed 

on iOS

Note: for Android, during an ongoing call, even if the agent leaves the app and goes to another site, the visitor will still be able to see the agent if the agent didn't close the camera.


  • If I click on the “hang-up” button, the video is definitely finished =>  I will arrive on the normal chat screen with this visitor. If I wish to continue chatting with the visitor, you can do so here. If the conversation is over, I can close the conversation and tag the conversation (There is no automatic closing for video chat"

1.5 If I receive a video chat, then I am not available for other conversations

  • I can only take 1 video chat at a time
  • In my Profile, the video toggle will turn orange
  • If I receive a video chat, then I am unavailable on other channels 
  • If I have an ongoing chat/call, I will be unavailable to receive a video chat

1.6 I can receive a video call even if my app is in background

  • iOS: If my app is in the background and I receive a video call, I will receive repeated notifications each one with a ringtone) for 30 seconds. If I tap on it during these 30 seconds, I will be redirected to the Incoming call screen. If not, the notification will disappear.
  • Android: If my app is in the background and I receive a video call, I will see a notification (with a song) for 30 seconds. If I tap on it during these 30 seconds, I will be redirected to the Incoming call screen. If not, the notification will disappear and the sound will stop.

1.7 I close the conversation at the end of the video call




⚠ After hanging up a video call, I don't forget to close the associated "conversation" on the conversation panel.

2. I can switch from one device to another and  keeping my video chat

2.1 I start a video conversation on desktop: I need to continue the video conversation on my iAdvize mobile app

  • If a video conversation is in progress on the desktop, I can easily switch it to my iAdvize mobile app, even if my computer is still open. After switching from my computer to my iAdvize mobile app, I will see this on the desktop:



3. I can switch from chat to video inside the same conversation

Operator using the iAdvize mobile app can send a video invitation* during a chat conversation. While the visitor has not accepted yet the agent can decide to Join or Cancel the invitation.  
Once the operator has joined the invitation, the video session starts as for classic video experience.

*Agents may send the invitation as many times as they wish.


The agent can navigate among different conversation while in video session, the video thumbnail will stay visible.


At any moment both agent and visitor can hang up and continue their conversation by chat.

To know more about chat to video:

How the operator availability is managed?
  • Each operator has to manage his/ her own availability by switching to unavailable before starting a video conversation. The availability toggles will not be automatically turned off when starting moving from chat to video
  • The operator will be able to have a video conversation while having ongoing chat conversation. Before sending the invitation the operator has to make sure to snooze or close ongoing conversation to make sure he/she is completely focus during this video session.
Is this available from iAdvize mobile app and desktop?
  • Yes.
Can the agent send multiple invitations?
  • The agent cannot send multiple invitations. If the agent does not get an answer to an invitation, they can cancel it before sending a new one to another visitor. 
Transfer/ Snooze
  • Once the conversation is transferred or snoozed by the agent, the video invitation is automatically cancelled.
  • The conversation can be transferred from one group to another so that a chat conversation can be sent to another group dedicated to video who will be in charge of escalating. 
Hanging up
  • At any time both visitor and agents can hang up the video session. If they do so, the conversation is not yet closed, they can still continue their conversation through chat. Another video invitation can be sent after the previous video session has been closed. 

To know more about
configuring the video channel please consult this article :

Download the practice sheet below: