WhatsApp - Best practice GDPR

With 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Globally, messaging has become the common way to communicate with family, friends, and even brands.

By integrating WhatsApp into your customer service channels, allow users to contact you easily and for free on the #1 app that is already in their pocket!

iAdvize is now an official WhatsApp business API Provider, a global community of partners selected by WhatsApp to help you launch your business on the app. For more information on the functional scope, click here.

Your use of WhatsApp Business must be in accordance with the WhatsApp Business Policy, which outlines the terms of disclosure.
It is also your responsibility to inform the customer about the possible uses of their personal data within and outside iAdvize.

At the end of June 2024, your Whatsapp numbers will be migrated to the new Whatsapp Cloud API.
This migration is essential, and imposed by Whatsapp on its partners, not least to ensure better compliance with the RGPD. European data is now stored in Germany and remains in the US for Americans.
This transition will have no impact and will not entail any action on your part. The benefits are mainly technical and in terms of GDPR.

1. What data is collected by iAdvize and where is it available in the iAdvize platform?


Agent conversation panel 
Conversation history
visitor's phone number
cross mark
check mark button 
check mark button 
WhatsApp username
check mark button
check mark button
cross mark
visitor's avatar
cross mark
cross mark
cross mark 


2. What data should be displayed to the visitor?

Be as transparent as possible! 

The visitor must know:
  • what data is collected
  • from which moment (→ from the sending of his first message)
  • where are they stored (on which servers, where they are located)
  • how to access and request deletion of your data
Example :
Legal notice :
  • By agreeing to receive messages from (BrandName) on WhatsApp, the following personal information will be collected by (Brand Name): WhatsApp username, phone number, and may be used for purposes other than WhatsApp conversations (UsagesDescription).
  • Your data is stored and processed by (BrandName) in (Country), by our provider iAdvize in the European Union for the sole purpose of providing this WhatsApp chat service, and by Facebook Ireland in the European Union and the United States.
  • You may address any request to (BrandName) to exercise your rights under the GDPR, such as the deletion of your personal data, to (BrandName) by sending a message on WhatsApp or by using our contact form.

3. Where to display this message?

3.1 You should display directly on your website or any other communication channels where you promote this messaging channel. 

For example, if you have a dedicated WhatsApp insert on your home page, display the legal information directly below your phone number and QR Code.


3.2 Within the "legal notice" page of your website

You can highlight this link: 
  • using canned answers from the conversation panel
  • When an agent first responds to a visitor's message, he can use canned answers that link to WhatsApp related legal information page.
  • To ensure the reliability of the link displayed to the visitor, create this automatic response directly from the iAdvize Admin platform:



  • by integrating it into your WhatsApp presentation sheet.