WhatsApp - Functional scope

With 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. Globally, messaging has become the standard way to communicate with family, friends and even brands.

By integrating WhatsApp to your customer service channels, allow users to contact you easily and for free on the #1 app that is already in their pocket !

iAdvize is now an official WhatsApp business API Provider, a global community of partners selected by WhatsApp to help you launch your business on the app. 

As a visitor,

✅  I can 
  • Scan a QR code to start the conversation with the Brand. (The scan automatically triggers my WhatsApp application with a conversation window opened with the Brand)
  • Add the Brand phone number in my contacts and then start the conversation with the Brand on WhatsApp


  • Use the pre-registered message displayed to engage the conversation with the Brand


  • See quickly if the account was validated by Facebook thanks to the green tick
Please note that Facebook validates and grants this green tick to a very small number of large accounts. If you still want iAdvize to make the request to Facebook, tell your iAdvize account manager.



  • Have information about the Brands thanks to the Business Profile


  • Send and receive images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF), PDF documents of 5MB max


  • Send audio messages
  • Fill a satisfaction survey at the end of the conversation
❌  I can’t
  • Be engaged directly by the brand
  • Receive audio media recorded by an operator
  • Have a group conversation including the Brand

As an operator,

✅  I can 
  • Manage WhatsApp conversation like any others 3party conversation. WhatsApp features on the Desk are the same than Facebook, Messenger, SMS conversations
  • In other words :
    • I received directly in push mode the WhatsApp conversation on my desk
    • I can snooze, transfer, closed WhatsApp conversation
    • I can add tags in a WhatsApp conversation in progress or at the closing
    • I can send images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF), PDF documents of 5MB max
    • I can read audio message recorded by the visitor (1)
    • I can use canned answers 
    • I can use the translation tool
    • I can manage my availability on 3rd party channels (2)
(1) The voice messages arrive as audio files that will be played by the browser in a new tab



More information on the management of 3rd party conversations


❌ I can’t
  • As any 3rd party conversations :
    • Send an offer and a link pre-registered
    • Block the visitor
  • Send any message to a visitor who sent a message more than 24 hours ago. In detail :
    • The specificity for WhatsApp channel concerns the “template message”.
    • A templated message corresponds to a pre-set message used only for push mode → open a new conversation or relaunch of a conversation. For the 1st version of iAdvize integration, only templated message to relaunch a conversation will be managed.
    • As an operator, you have 24 hours to answer to a visitor. After 24 hours, a templated message is required to invite the visitor to send another message, so that you can answer to the visitor.
    • Concretely, after 24hours, operator can’t use the composition area of the chatbox. Operator can only to click on a button to send the template message bellow (not customizable) :
      • 🇬🇧 : We're sorry we couldn't answer you earlier. If you wish to continue the conversation, please say "Yes".
      • 🇫🇷 : Nous sommes désolés de ne pas avoir pu vous répondre avant. Si vous souhaitez poursuivre la conversation, dites “Oui”.
    • After receiving a positive reply of the visitor before 24hours, the operator composed box is available and operator can exchange freely with the visitor. 





As an admin,

✅  I can 
  • Add up to 25 phone numbers to my WhatsApp account
  • See which phone number is set-up



  • Filter reports by WhatsApp channel. Reports concerned are
    • Contact - activity
    • Contact - responsiveness 
    • Presence - overview 
    • Presence - status 
    • Sales - activity 
    • Customer experience 
    • Production 
    • Conversations
❌  I can’t
  • Delete or add new phone number by myself
  • Add more than 25 phone numbers to my WhatsApp account

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