WhatsApp : set up the channel

Once a phone number has been associated with your brand in WhatsApp settings, you need to engage your audience and send messages to your respondents through this channel. 

With WhatsApp, you can engage your audience in two ways: from your website (onsite), by taking advantage of iAdvize notifications and targeting, or offsite, for example, through a link, a QR code, or simply by sharing a phone number. This article explains in detail how to successfully set up and distribute WhatsApp conversations to your respondents.

1. Link your phone number with iAdvize to activate WhatsApp

To do this, you can follow the steps in this article: WhatsApp - Activate the channel

2. Activate the WhatsApp channel in your relevant user accounts

Go to the People > Management > Users tab to edit the account of the advisors who will handle requests from WhatsApp. 


Once in an agent's account settings, open the "Communication" pane, activate the toggle for "Social and Third Party Channels" and enter the maximum number of simultaneous contacts that can be received for that channel :



Finally, remember to save all your changes by clicking on the "Save" button:

3. Create a dedicated offsite campaign to collect messages

Creating an offsite campaign (not linked to your website) will allow your respondents to engage in conversation with your audience on WhatsApp, without going through the iAdvize targeting on your website (your respondents, on their side, will continue to use the iAdvize console as a working tool). The applications are numerous: you can display a QR code in store, include a link in an email, communicate the phone number to your customers on an invoice, etc.

Create the campaign

Go to the Engagement > Campaigns tab and click on :

Name your campaign and select Inboud as a type of strategy :

Select Messaging Apps as an entry point to engage your audience :

Capture d’écran 2023-10-12 à 15.09.48.png

Select Whatsapp as a channel to engage your audience :

Create a filtering rule

You can now move on to the step of creating a filtering rule, to retrieve the conversations coming from this channel.
Here is the dedicated article that goes through the steps one by one: Create a filtering rule for social channels
Once the filtering rule is created, you still have to distribute them. Go to step 5. "Distribute your filtering rules"

Finally, set a campaign objective :

4. Create an onsite campaign to offer WhatsApp on your site

By creating an engagement campaign using WhatsApp on your website, you benefit from both the accuracy of iAdvize targeting, which allows you to target only qualified visitors, and the possibilities of WhatsApp: these same visitors can chat with your brand as easily as with a friend or family member, from the world's most popular messaging application.

Create a targeting rule

If you want to offer WhatsApp notification on your website, you can create a new campaign in which you will bring together the targeting rules that will define the eligibility criteria of your visitors, and where and when the notification should be displayed on your website.
To create a campaign dedicated to WhatsApp notification display, go to : Engagement > Campaign and select "Website - Target and engage your visitors on your website"
Click on Create Engagement Campaign to learn more.

Name your campaign and select  5 5 as a type of strategy : 

 Now, add a targeting rules clicking on Add :

Define the rule criteria (where and when you want to offer the WhatsApp channel on your site), you can select the notification that will invite your visitors to get in touch with you via WhatsApp.
Select the "WhatsApp" chat channel and the account associated with the WhatsApp number.Capture_d_e_cran_2022-03-31_a__11.12.36.png

Save and you're done ! 

Create your access link

To engage your visitors, you are able to create a url.
You can then use this url as you wish: behind a fixed button on your site, behind a QR Code, etc.To do this, it's very simple, you just have to complete this url :
- https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=XXXXX by replacing the XXX by your phone number. 

Example : my number is +33765555831 (07 65 55 58 31), so my url is
- https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=33765555831 
To learn how to generate a QR code, follow this article Meta Business Help Center : Manage your WhatsApp Business Platform QR code

5. Distribute your filtering rules

This is the last step before finalizing the configuration.
Go to Engagement > Routing > Routing Rules
Create a new routing rule using the : mXVpiavA.png
Name the routing rule and click on "Add items" to add your filtering rules.
Finally, select the group of respondents (routing group) who will be able to receive messages from this channel.

Save and you're done!

NB: It is not necessary to add targeting rules to a distribution rule. In fact, as soon as it is created, the notification will automatically be displayed on your site according to the criteria entered in the targeting rule.
NB: If it is a bot that initiates the conversation, it will be necessary to add a queue to the distribution rule to which it refers so that it can go online (availability detection) and thus respond to visitors.