Why choose a language for my WhatsApp number?

WhatsApp does not inform iAdvize about the user's language.
It is therefore necessary to choose a language on WhatsApp so that the conversation resume message as well as the satisfaction survey are sent to the visitor in the appropriate language.


Where can I choose the language of my WhatsApp number? 

You will be able to set the language at the very beginning of the WhatsApp activation process whether you want to create a new number or use an existing number. 


What is the conversation resume message?

In a WhatsApp conversation, when the agent takes more than 24 hours to respond to a visitor's message, the agent must ask for the visitor's consent to continue the conversation. This is a WhatsApp rule.
This consent request is done by sending a (standard) message template from the agent's console.  The message is the same for all iAdvize users. It is not customizable by the agent, nor by iAdvize administrators.

This sending is done in the agent's console as follows: 
On his side the visitor receives the message: 
  • We're sorry we couldn't answer you earlier. If you wish to continue the conversation, please say "Yes".
It is therefore necessary to choose a language for the number concerned so that this message is sent in the right language.

The satisfaction survey

In addition, the satisfaction survey sent to the visitor at the end of the conversation will be sent in the language defined when WhatsApp was activated.

Only one language is allowed per number. The available languages are the languages supported by iAdvize on the visitor side.

The choice of this language does not prevent the visitor or the agent from conversing in the language of their choice, it only concerns the "resume" message.

The languages available for the satisfaction survey are:

langues CSAT WA.png