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Notification templates

Thanks to the "Notification Builder", you can choose a template (classic, invitation, Messaging, Badge or fixed/static button) which fits your graphic chart and meets the best practices in terms of instant customer relationship.



1. Classic

The classic template is a notification which is usually situated at the bottom right corner of website pages. It is also called "floating button" since it remains visible on the page whenever visitors scroll up or down.



2. Invitation

In addition to notifications, you can engage with your visitors with proactive invitations. Since they are more intrusive than notifications, we recommend you to use them in strategic situations (fragility cases, added-value pages, ...).

Note : contrary to other classical notifications, invitations will be displayed only once per targeting rule during a user session.




3. Messaging

The messaging template is similar to the classic one - the avatar is however displayed beside the notification frame. It is also a floating button as it remains on the page whenever visitors scroll up or down.



4. Badge

The badge template is the most understated model which still attracts visitors' eyes thanks to an effective avatar choice. This one also behaves like a floating button.




5. Fixed/static button

The fixed button is directly integrated in your web page(s) contents. Since it is "anchored", it doesn't remain visible when visitors scroll the page(s) up or down. For more information, please read our article on how to implement a static button.