Create an engagement campaign

At iAdvize, campaigns serve as the pivotal starting point for your engagement strategy. The manner in which you organize your campaigns enables you to structure your strategy, be it by objective, by channel, by department, or by respondent type, and thus significantly influences how you interpret your results.

1. To know

The campaign creation interface is divided into four sections, where you make your selections step by step:

  • Identity & Campaign Type
  • Entry point & Channel
  • Targeting & Distribution
  • Campaign Objectives

Once a campaign is created, it needs to be activated in order to appear on the chosen entry point, unless you specify a start date (it will then start on the given date).


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1.1 Identity & campaign type

In this section, you'll give your campaign a simple and evocative name for both yourself and the rest of your team. For example, "Website Pre-Sales" or "WhatsApp Shipment Tracking."

You can specify a start and end date, which will result in the campaign being automatically activated on the start date and deactivated on the end date.

iAdvize offers two types of campaigns:

  • Inbound Campaigns: You offer a conversation to visitors, but it's up to them to choose whether or not to initiate it. The majority of the channels and input fields available on iAdvize are better suited for "inbound" campaigns

  • Outbound Campaigns: You directly reach out to your audience and send them messages without them having initiated contact with you previously. This is currently possible via WhatsApp or SMS

1.2 Entry point & channel

You can engage your audience from various input fields, and you'll be presented with a selection of possible channels for each entry point.

This article will guide you through the various channels, while another article will provide detailed technical specifications for each of them.

Entry points can be considered as follows:


Your "own" Entry points

iAdvize enables you to engage:

  • Visitors to your website
  • Users of your mobile app, if your brand has one
  • Visitors to your Facebook page, using Facebook Messenger


Entry points related to Messaging apps:

iAdvize allows you to converse with your audience through Messaging apps and engage them using various entry points such as:

  • Phone number
  • QR code
  • URL
  • Custom button on your website or elsewhere
  • And more.

Entry points related to phone calls:

To divert phone calls and optimize your agents' availability, iAdvize allows you to offer a message conversation to your customers in the following scenarios:

  • When they are about to call you, by offering them a conversation from their iPhone interface.
  • During their call to your phone service, through your automated phone system.


1.3 Targeting & routing

You can use existing targeting rules or add new ones directly from your interface for entry points that support targeting, such as your website, or filtering, like your Facebook page.

The following entry points do not support iAdvize targeting:

  • Outbound campaigns
  • Phone call-related points
  • Messaging applications
  • Mobile app

For each of these cases, specific instructions are provided within the interface.

Subsequently, you can associate each targeting rule with a routing rule to assign the conversation to the best-suited respondent or respondent group, which includes bots.


1.4 Campaign Objectives

You can assign an objective to your campaign: commercial, support, or neither, which can provide you with more specific insights for tracking results in future developments of iAdvize.


2. Create a Campaign

In this example, we will create a campaign dedicated to customer support questions handled through chat on an e-commerce website.


Name the campaign "Website Support"

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Choose a type of strategy, in this case, an inbound strategy.

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Select the entry point "website", corresponding to the "messaging" channel.

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Add one or more targeting rules.

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For example, you can choose to trigger a notification 2 seconds after a visitor arrives on the "contact" page of the website.


You can then route conversations through your chosen routing rule.

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Set a campaign objective - in this case, "support."

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Once your campaign is saved, you can view, edit, or activate it in the Engagement section.