Where to find my visitors data ?

A visitor record is automatically created for each conversation with a new visitor. It is possible to add certain information about your customer.

1. Go to the list of visitor records

To access the visitor records, click on "Reports" and choose the "Conversations" report. On the right-hand side, click the "list of visitors" icon 

You can see all the existing visitor records :

On this page you can :

  • (1) Search and sort visitor records: For each column, a field allows you to carry out a search. In addition, clicking on the title column will effectively change the sorting order of the list (here, blocked visitors are displayed first).
  • (2) See details, or delete a visitor record: Click on the icon "bin"  to permanently delete a discussion. To edit a visitor record, click the icon "pen" .

2. Details of a visitor record

In the details of the record you can:

  • Enter various information relative to the visitor (Name, Address, etc.).
  • (1) Access the history of past discussions for this visitor, and consult/add notes relative to them.
  • With iAdvize Messenger, the email address entered by the visitor to be notified as soon as a reply is made is automatically saved in the visitor's file and therefore accessible here in the report of the conversation.
  • (2) Block this visitor: iAdvize will no longer be available for this visitor.
NB: If there is already an e-mail address entered in the visitor profile, it will be displayed first in the visitor’s record. Even if a different address is entered within the Chatbox on the visitor’s side.

3. Other ways to browse visitor records

3.1. From the discussions and calls log

By consulting the details of a past exchange with a visitor, the information relative to him are accessible via the "Customer Data" tab :

3.2 From the discussion panel

During an ongoing conversation with a visitor, the file associated with them is available directly from the information pane, displayed in the right section of the chat window. Via the link "Show customer record".