Action of "Release the conversation"

From the "Live Activity" report, it is possible to release a conversation. We explain in this article when this is possible and what the consequences are.

What is the purpose of this feature?

Sometimes a user leaves the platform while a conversation is in progress. It can also happen that a conversation is assigned to a user who will not connect anymore (for different reasons). 

In these cases, it can be useful to be able to distribute the conversation to another user. 

How to access it? 

From the "Live Activity (or Production)" report, you can view the content of a conversation. It is from this step that you will be able to access the functionality to release a conversation. 


When can I release a conversation?

A conversation can be redistributed in 2 specific cases :

The conversation is in "Pending" status and is associated to a user
The conversation is in "In progress" status and the user has been disconnected from his desk.

If you are in one of these cases and the redistribution is possible, the link appears in blue.

If not, the link appears in grey. This is the case for snoozed conversations.


What does this feature do?

When a conversation is distributed, it is first assigned to a distribution group. Then, in a second step, it is assigned to a user of this distribution group (this is called user election). 

At the time of distribution, a conversation will therefore be associated with a distribution group and a user. 

When the conversation is released, it is no longer associated with a particular user. But it will be associated with the last selected distribution group. Thus the conversation can be assigned to the first user of this distribution group who will be available to handle it.