Contact vs Conversation: differences

To begin with, let us define what is a contact and what is a conversation. Then, we will explain how they are counted up.


1/ Definition

- A contact is an exchange between a visitor and an operator (agent, expert or bot). It can be a chat, call or video contact.

- A conversation can include several contacts, especially if they have been transferred or snoozed*.

2/ How are they counted up?

As soon as a conversation is ended, snoozed or transferred, the number of contacts which has been made within this conversation is counted in the Contact - Activity report. This conversation may have included several operators, but has been carried out with one same visitor.

Please note, however, that in order for the contacts to appear in the report, the conversation must first be closed.

For example, if a visitor starts a chat with an agent, then the agent transfers it to another agent, this amounts to two contacts for one same conversation (see image below, #visitor2).



A conversation can therefore include several contacts when it is ended.


*Snoozed = paused

⚠ Some contacts may not be immediately counted in the Contacts - Activity report. The conversation they are associated with has to be ended first.

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