Set the daily objectives and alerts (depreciated function)

In real-time, follow the progression of your daily productivity objectives from the supervision page. Visualise individual productivity signals for each of your agents.


1. Setting the parameters of your productivity objectives and signals

To access the settings of the objectives and signals, go to "People", then "Objectives":

2. Productivity objectives

2.1 Settings

We currently offer six default productivity criteria:

  • Simultaneous contacts
  • Number of contacts
  • Contacts / hour
  • Turnover
  • Conversion rate
  • Number of transactions


(1): Define the level to be achieved by giving the value directly in the field or using the slider.
(2): Choose whether the criterion will be shown in your supervision area or not using the ON/OFF button.

2.2 Displaying objectives

Monitor the progression of your objectives from the supervision page.


3. Individual productivity signals

3.1 Set individual productivity signals

From the same page, activate productivity signals for each of your agents and define the threshold values. Two criteria will be proposed by default and only concern the Click to Chat channel:

  • Max. length of conversation
  • Max. response time



3.2 Displaying signals

If one of these limits is exceeded during the discussion, a visual signal appears to the agent concerned in the supervision table.

Hovering over the  icon shows the subject of the current signal.

The signals can also be found in the supervisor area and you can monitor the exchanges directly for the discussion in question.