Close conversation from admin

The Close Conversations feature from within the administration allows administrators or managers to close conversations that are no longer useful or have been pending for too long. This can help clean up production reports and improve the efficiency of conversation processing by freeing up resources for more important conversations.


By removing conversations that don't add value or have been on hold for too long, wait times are reduced for visitors, as unnecessary conversations will no longer block agents.

This feature can also help improve visitor satisfaction by eliminating conversations that go nowhere and freeing up agents to focus on conversations that need immediate attention.

How to proceed?

From the "Live Activity (or Production)" report, as administrator or manager, you can :

  • manually close a conversation, whether it is pending, ongoing or paused.
  • add comments for a better management.

A message confirms the closure.

Closing comments to be added soon.


Once closed, the conversation disappears from the agent's conversation panel.
If the conversation took place on IBBÜ, as part of a paid-per-conversation mission, the last expert to chat in the conversation will not be paid.
If you have enabled the satisfaction survey, it will be sent when the conversation took place on a third party channel. If the conversation took place on your website, the satisfaction survey will only be sent if the visitor is logged in to the site at the time of closing.
The information of "who" closed the conversation is available in the conversation information in the API.


From a statistical point of view, since the conversation is on an agent's conversation panel, the statistics for this conversation will be counted in the agent statistics. The closing time will be affected accordingly.

The transaction, if you track them, will be assigned to the last advisor who sent a message.

Consider a data "refresh" delay of about 10 seconds.