The search feature within the Conversations report

Analyse your conversations and improve your customer experience thanks to the search feature.

You can filter your conversations by keyword(s) and specific options.
Go to the Conversation report -> add a filter -> keywords:


1. Specific filter options

Click on Add a filter to filter by agents, satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) and IDs (contacts IDs, visitors IDs).

If you select several criteria from one same filter and add this filter, any conversation matching at least one of these criteria will be displayed.

If you add other filters, then any conversation matching all criteria will be displayed.


Note: the main filters (projects, channels and date) are also used to display conversations.


2. Keyword search

Type a keyword and click on "add a filter" to display all conversations which contain this keyword. Adding several keywords refine your search to conversations containing these keywords, whichever their position in the conversations.

You can pair filter by keywords with filter options. In this case, conversations matching all these criteria will be displayed.


3. Advanced search


For more flexibility, you can use special characters in the keyword search:

Character(s) Description Example
* Searches all words starting with letters before * order* will find conversations containing the following words (not exhaustive): orders, ordering, ordered, ...
+ Matches all keywords (used by default) ordering + ordered will find conversations containing ordering AND ordered
| Matches at least of one the keywords ordering | ordered will find conversations containing ordering OR ordered
- Words preceded by - will be excluded  -ordering will find conversations that don't contain ordering
"   " Finds a specific sequence of words "user account" will find conversations containing these words in this specific order
(   ) Makes priority searches for more complex requests (ordering | ordered) "delivery" will find conversations first containing ordering and ordered, and then containing delivery

4. Quantify your search


When you make research or use filters, two figures will be updated in your table header:

  • Number of conversations closed
  • Rate of conversations displayed (compared to the total of conversations closed on the selected period)

This data helps you quantify conversation topics and analyse their significance.


5. Advanced searches examples

Copy-paste the following requests in your iAdvize search bar:

Bug reporting, dysfunctions and other technical topics

cookie | browser | bug | dysfonction | "error message"

Conversations about product pages 

nowhere | "product page" | "product information" | descript* | dimensions  

Conversations  about browsing issues

"where is" | "information is" | "don't find where"do not find where" | "can't find where" | "cannot find where" | "don't see where" |"do not see where" | "where on the website" | "can't manage" | "cannot manage" | "where do I click" | "click where" | access* | "go to" | "can click" | "have to click" | "user account"

Conversations about the loss of a customer

"have lost a customer" | "los* a customer" | "treat* your customers" | "buy somewhere else"| "buy on another website"| "won't come back"| "will not come back"| scam*| inacceptable| ashamed | not happy | unsatisfied | angry


Conversations from happy customers

"very effective" | "your professionalism" | "your effectiveness" | "excellent work" | "helps a lot" | "see you soon"