Share a file in a conversation

As an agent, you can share all types of images and pdf documents in a conversation (chat), WhatsApp or Messenger.

Once the file is shared, visitors can access it from their conversation history, the administration or the discussion panel.

Technical requirement: Using the file sharing tool requires opening the domain * on your network

1. Supported file formats

The file formats currently supported are:

  • PDF documents
  • All types of images (jpeg, png, gif, except .svg)

There is a 30MB size limit for all files you share. If you send a file that is too large, you will be notified through an error message. On WhatsApp the maximum size for a PDF is 5MB.

2. Security

iAdvize scans each file shared in a conversation to detect the presence of any viruses. If a virus is detected during the scan, it is removed from the servers before the visitor can access it.

The file is stored on a private and secure server, and it is only accessible by the participants in the conversation through a pre-signed link activated for one hour.
Once this link has expired it is only possible to access it while being authenticated to the iAdvize administration, and also only if the authenticated user and the files are associated to the same website.
The files are automatically deleted after 3 years. They are then no longer available for consultation from the administration.

3. How can you share files?

Select the file(s) you need to share by

  • Clicking on the paperclip icon or drag & drop :


  • Uploading the file:



  • Here is the display when sending a picture on the composition area of the agent conversation panel before sending:


  • And when sharing a PDF on the composition area of the agent conversation panel before sending:



Here is the display on the visitor side (the display could be different depending on your chat template):


Note : An antivirus scan is launched automatically with each upload to secure file sharing

4. File sharing from the visitor's side

Your visitors can also share files in a conversation. However, this possibility is optional on the chat, call and video channels.

You are free to choose whether your visitors can send files to your agents or not. This option is available on Engagement > Notification & Chatbox, customize your Chatbox in the "Composition box" section.