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Disturbances on your session and conversation panel disconnection

The conversation panel can be disconnected when the internet connection is not stable or is experiencing difficulties.

When disturbances are detected on the network, several connection attempts are made between the conversation panel and the visitor.

If the connection is not established within 60 seconds, then this message appears : “We have detected disturbances on your session. The experience on your iAdvize conversation panel may be deteriorated. We invite you to log out and log back in.”

Nevertheless, depending on the disturbances of the network, the chat can continue even if this notification appears.

What can possibly cause these disconnections ?

As the chat protocol is more sensitive than the conventional http protocol, there can be some micro-disconnections. These are not visible when you are surfing the Internet but they disconnect you from the iAdvize conversation panel.

Here are some reasons that can provoke a disconnection from the conversation panel :

1.You are connected via WiFi and not to a wired network

  • Wifi connections are not recommended because they are highly inconsistent..

2. An insufficient bandwidth (particularly when you are watching videos or using streaming services)

  • Please check the bandwidth speed on this website : (The more agents are simultaneously logged in, the lowest the bandwidth will get).

3. An element of your connection setting is filtering the communication with iAdvise servers (Antivirus, Proxy, firewall)

  • Please check your network settings.

Other necessary verification checks

It's essential for you to open the ports 80 and 443 (ideally on all protocols). The http, https, xmpp, and bosh (xml), websockets are currently working.

It is essential for you not to filter requests between your agents and our servers.
Therefore, we ask you to do a bypass * on your network equipment (proxy, firewall, etc.).


The proxy timeout should be above 70 seconds to not disturb the "long polling" request.

These 3 parameters (ports, domain, timeout) have to be verified on each layer that impact the agent connection (VPN / Proxy / Firewall / Antivirus).

For further informations : Configuring your networks settings