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Technical constraints related to mirroring / cobrowsing

During a conversation, it is possible to visualise the page your visitors are currently on (mirroring). You can also take over their browsing (cobrowsing). However, some elements cannot be technically reproduced yet. 

1. Technical recommendations

- Bandwith : In order to easily use the mirroring and cobrowsing features, we recommend you to save 2 MB of bandwidth per agent. This is a high range, which varies according to the weight of the site you want to reproduce, and the number of simultaneous agents.

An undersized bandwidth will cause display problems and loss of grip. It will also have an impact on the overall stability of the discussion panel.

- Supported browsers: Here is the list of the browsers supported by iAdvize.

To have the best possible experience with iAdvize, we recommend you to use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

2. The limits of the mirroring feature

If visitors look at a page which contains the following elements, they will not be replicated on the discussion panel:

  • iframes
  • flash contains

Here is the example of what is displayed for iframes:


  • Depending on how iframes are used on your site, it is sometimes possible to find an alternative solution. Please contact our support team for more information on the subject.
  • These limitations also affect the cobrowsing feature, given that visitors' page is reproduced when agents take over their browsing.

3. Mirroring - Tainted canvas

When using the mirroring feature on your website, you may notice a warning DOMException: Failed to execute 'toDataUrl' on 'HTMLCanvasElement': Tainted canvases may not be exported, on your browser "console".

This is an issue when the mirroring feature try to capture the content of a
canvas element.
Specifically when the canvas element use or display resources loaded from a http domain different from the one used by your website.


Example :  The website that would use a canvas element using an image resource

SecurityError would be thrown when the mirroring try to serialize the canvas display.
For more information on how to fix this issue check


4. The limits of cobrowsing

The following actions cannot be not be taken into account when agents take control of visitors' browsing:

  • onKeyDown, onKeyPress, mousedown
  • Actions on Google Maps integrated into web pages

For more information, please read the following article: The visitor's page remains blank in the background of the discussion panel