You keep getting disconnected from the conversation panel

As soon as you log in to the iAdvize platform, your account gets immediately disconnected.


1. Is the iAdvize platform currently functional ?

Access the web page to check if there are any ongoing incidents. If there are none, it's all good!

In case of doubt between the Standard and High Availability platforms, try accessing both of them.


2. Are agents currently logged in via the same account ?

When several people use the same account, please check if some of them are simultaneously logged in.


3. What is the status of my Internet connection ?

You can experience disconnection problems from the conversation panel when the instability of your Internet connection causes micro-disconnections.

Check the status of your Internet connection and find out if there are any instabilities via this link:


4. What might cause these disconnections ?

As the chat protocol is more sensitive than the traditional HTTP protocol, micro disconnects can happen, having little or no impact at all on your Internet browsing but disconnecting you from the iAdvize conversation panel.

Here are the elements that can affect your connection to the conversation panel:


4.1. Using a wifi connection rather than an ethernet cable connection

We strongly advise against using a wifi connection as it can be easily more unstable.


4.2. Insufficient bandwidth (especially when trying to use audio or video streaming services)

A bandwidth test from will allow you to know the status of your Internet connection

⚠ According to your Internet connection, the more agents there are connected to the platform, the less bandwidth is available.


4.3. An element of your network configuration filters exchanges with the iAdvize servers (antivirus, proxy or firewall)

Please check the settings of your Internet connection.


4.4. Putting your device in standby mode (Computer/Mac/mobile device) can cause the iAdvize platform to be disconnected.

We recommend you to disable the auto sleep mode on the device you are using to log in to the platform.

To disable the hibernation mode on your PC:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click or double-click the Power Options icon.
  3. In the Power Options window, click the Change plan settings link for the power option currently selected.
  4. In the Edit Plan Settings window, click the Change advanced power settings link.
  5. In the Power Options window that just opened, expand the Sleep section, then the Allow hybrid sleep option, and change the Setting to Off. 
  6. Click OK to save the setting change. 


4.5. With iOS or Android, disconnection from the app is automatic after 30 minutes of inactivity.

To know more about this, please read the article : Expand disconnection time.


4.6. Simultaneous connection via several devices

We don't recommend simultaneous connections via several different devices (PC/Mac/Mobile device) as it can cause conflicts for your user account.

Other necessary verification checks

It's essential for you to open the ports 80 and 443 (ideally on all protocols). The http, https and websockets are currently working.

It is essential for you not to filter requests between your agents and our servers.
Therefore, we ask you to do a bypass * on your network equipment (proxy, firewall, etc.).


The proxy timeout should be above 70 seconds to not disturb the "long polling" request.

These 3 parameters (ports, domain, timeout) have to be verified on each layer that impact the agent connection (VPN / Proxy / Firewall / Antivirus).

For further informations : Technical requirements needed for iAdvize