I can't log in to the iAdvize platform

I can't log in to the iAdvize platform whether it's from the conversation panel and/or from the administration.

1. Is the iAdvize platform currently functional?

To make sure of it, please go to https://status.iadvize.com/ to check if there are no ongoing incidents and if everything works well: if that's the case, it's all good!


2. Retype your password

On your login page, manually retype your password without copy/pasting it. Click on the eye (and make sure you don't add an extra space by mistake).

Capture d’écran 2024-06-05 à 16.46.42.jpg


3. Reset your password

If after retyping your password it's still not working, reset it by clicking on "Forgot password".

Capture d’écran 2024-06-05 à 16.48.54.jpg


4. Ask an administrator or a manager to reset your password

An administrator or manager can reset a password for you from the iAdvize administration. Don't hesitate to contact one to test this solution.

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