You experience slow performance when using the conversation panel

When I type a message, it takes time to appear on the conversation panel input field.

1. I don't have any network connection issues. What can be the cause of this slow performance?

In general, when you experience slow performance on the conversation panel, it is related to computer resources rather than network connection issues.

What you should check : have a look at the RAM and CPU usage on your device when the problem occurs.

How should you proceed : check the "Process" and "Performance" tabs of your task manager to understand your RAM and CPU usage and make sure that you don't reach the device limits. 


You can always create a ticket and send these screenshots to the iAdvize Support team if you need advice (or you can contact your system administrator).

2. Do you have any other piece of advice in case I still experience slow performance?

Here is what you can do if the conversation panel keeps running slow :

- Close any application that you are not currently using to free up memory. 

- Restart your device to free up RAM

- If the issue persists, improve device performance