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Use the Smart Answers

Smart Responses will help you to optimise your response time and to improve your website customer experience. 

Your agents have superpowers!

With Smart Responses, your agents will become more effective. The suggestions are adapted to the context of the conversations and extracted from the conversation history. They will enable agents to respond to their visitors faster and help them build their responses easily while optimising their average handling time.


When relevant suggestions are available, the Smart Responses icon is activated on the right of the input box. Agents can open the Smart Responses window, select the response that seems most relevant to them to send it or modify it before sending it.

This feature will be activated by default for all agents.
You will have the possibility to deactivate it at any time from your admin dashboard.

In the same way, canned responses and the word completion features will now be displayed via an icon on the right side of the input box. This new presentation enables users to have better reading comfort and to handle conversations faster.