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The State box

When you have a conversation with a visitor, a state box appears at the bottom of your conversation panel. Each ongoing conversation has its own state box.

1. Chat Conversations

1.2 Indicators of presence of the visitor

When handling a chat conversation, you can see if visitors are still online on the brand's website or not. How? Thanks to the color of the dot displayed on the state box:

  • Green dot: the visitor is on the brand's website or browsing other websites. But in any case, they haven't left the brand's website, it's still open on a tab


  • Red dot: the visitor has closed the tab they had previously used to browse the brand's website.


Please note that these indicators are only available for chat conversations (and not for social or SDK conversations)

1.2 Time on chat boxes with information about their meaning

  • "Time since your last message"


  • "Total duration"


1.3 The different states

  • An active conversation that has been selected:


  • a conversation with a visitor that sent a new message and is waiting for an answer from a respondent: 


  • a conversation that hasn't been selected. The respondent is waiting for an answer from the visitor.



2. Call Conversations

Note: for the Call conversation panel, you can no longer hang up using the state box. You now need to hang up via a notification. Learn more about this update right here: Manage Call conversations

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