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Forward a visitor from a mobile device

You can forward a visitor from the ibbü and iAdvize mobile apps.

Forward a visitor from a mobile device

You can transfer a conversation to another agent (associated with the same routing rule) using the arrow on the top right corner:


- Then, you access the list of agents available:
  • at the top of the list, first, you will see agents who handle the least number of simultaneous chat conversations, and then, agents sorted alphabetically.

  • you can filter agents in a dedicated search bar using their first name, surname, and skill. 

  • you can transfer conversations to another mobile device or a desktop device. 


- After selecting the agent to whom you will transfer the conversation, you will be able to add a comment (to give information about the visitor's context, etc.). There is no character limit for these comments. 


- After tapping on the Forward button, you will receive a notification indicating that the conversation has been successfully transferred:





2/ Receiving conversations transferred by another agent on a mobile device

  • A new conversation appears in the agent's list

  • The agent gets access to the conversation history

  • This message, along with a potential comment, notifies the agent of a new conversation transfer: