Forward a conversation with a visitor

If you don't have the answer to a question or if you are simply not available to respond to query, you can always forward a conversation to another agent or a group of agents.

1. How to forward a conversation from the conversation panel ?

To forward a conversation to another agent, click on the "Transfer" link available in the action panel of your chat window.


2. To whom should you transfer the conversation ?

You can then forward your conversation to an agent from your routing group (e. g. Arold Hawkins below) or another group of agents (e. g. Smartphones). 

NB : If the distribution rule is not visible (option "Display this rule in the list of rules when forwarding a conversation" deactivated) for all at during the transfer, then the transfer is limited to the agents and managers of a distribution group. 

An admin will see all distribution rules, whether the option is enabled or not.


For an even faster selection, you can use the filter engine by typing the first letters of the last name, first name or skill of the person sought.

You can always forward a conversation to an agent or another group of agents even if no one is available (no one logged in to the conversation panel or no more availability slots). In this case, the conversation will be handled later, as soon as an agent is logged in to the conversation panel and has, at least, one availability slot.  

If the conversation gets transferred to an agent or another group of agents available, they will immediately handle this conversation. 

NB : The selection is displayed in the following order : 
First : available humans, then : skills, then : unavailable humans, finally : bots.

3. How can you validate conversation transfers ?

After selecting the person that will receive the conversation transfer, you can always add a comment (e.g. to give more context or information). 
Then, you can validate the transfer by clicking on the "Forward this conversation" button.
If the agent is currently unavailable (not logged in to the conversation panel and/or no availability slots), you can still forward the conversation clicking on the "Forward anyway" button.  
Please note that if the operator doesn't handle the conversation within 24hours, the conversation will be attributed to another operator.


Once the transfer completed, the conversation automatically disappears from your conversation panel.

4. How is the conversation transfer displayed to the recipient ?

A new conversation appears on the recipient's conversation panel. An alert message appears in the conversation to inform agents that the conversation has successfully been transferred. This message can include a comment detailing the reason why the agent transferred the conversation if indicated before validating the transfer.

The new agent can read the messages previously exchanged between the previous agent and the visitor, and then continue the conversation.


5. How is the conversation transfer displayed to the visitor ?

There is no automatic message sent to visitors to inform them that the conversation got transferred, and they now have a different respondent. Feel free to inform visitors to make sure they are not surprised when talking to a new agent.


6. How can you activate conversation transfers to another group of agents ?

By default, conversation transfers sent to a group of agents, meaning a routing rule, are not enabled on the Admin platform. 

The button (see box below) is, by default, disabled, meaning the routing rule is not displayed in the agents' transfer window.

Before activating this button, to allow the routing rule to be displayed during conversation transfers, we recommend you to rename said rule (In the Routing rules name section below). This way, when agents receive a conversation transfer, they will see the name you gave to the routing rule.


⚠️ Displaying a distribution rule linked to this button is only applied for agents. An administrator will always have all the distribution rules displayed in his interface.






7. How are conversation transfers managed from a statistic perspective ?

- When agent A receives a conversation and transfers it to agent B, the satisfaction rating will be given to both agents (even if A or B have not sent a message).

- When agent A receives a conversation and transfers it to agent B without answering it, agent A's conversation will be added to their contacts report in the section of conversations initiated with no response.