Choose the right profile : the feature list by profile

There are several types of users in the iAdvize solution.

The video below shows you the different roles to assign to your users:


1. Administrator

Administrators have the most permissive role. They have access to all the features offered by the administration (the iAdvize solution dedicated to admin and managers).

They can create, edit or delete elements (campaigns, targeting rules, routing rules, user account, canned answers, conversations, bot, export etc.).


They can create all profiles: Administrators, Managers, Agents and Expert CTY

Profil-01-Admin-EN.png Features visible by an administrator


2. Manager

The manager profile is less permissive than the administrator one. The manager has access to information from the group to which they are associated (people, supervision, supervisor or statistics, export).

They can also create or edit links, offers or canned responses. They can add, edit or delete "agent" accounts.

They can create these profiles: Agents and Expert CTY

Features visible by a manager


3. Agent

Also called operator, the agent is in charge of processing incoming exchanges on the conversation panel. The agent will have an account associated with an "agent" role in the administration.

They do not have access to the administration functionalities. 
They can create custom canned answers.


- Create or edit a user account