An agent is connected, but the channel is not available on my website

My iAdvize environment has been configured. Me or one of my agents is connected but the channel is not offered on my website. In this article, we will detail the first verifications you will need to carry out to interact with your online visitors as soon as possible. First, do a test with an incognito window to rule out the possibility of a cache problem: Incognito mode in Google Chrome (the examples described later in the article are all based on a Google Chrome browsing session)


1. Is the iAdvize platform functional?

Go to to make sure that there are no ongoing incidents and if everything works well: if that's the case, it's all good! 


2. Is the page I am viewing properly configured for iAdvize?

The first check here will be to make sure that the page on which I want to offer, for example, a chat support, is accessible from the Internet. To do this, you can make sure that the page is accessible by being connected to the Internet from the hotspot of a mobile phone for example.

Once this check carried out, we'll then make sure that the iAdvize tag is correctly installed and functional on your website. The fastest way to do this is to right click anywhere on your page and choose the "Inspect" option. Then, position yourself on the "Console" section, enter the iAdvize.vStats command:

At this point, you need to check two elements:

- Do I have an answer to this command? If this is not the case, please refer to the following article: Implement our javascript tags on your site

- Is the site_id value equivalent to the value present on the project you are connected to? Go to the Project section:

And finally, check that the SID found in the tag corresponding to the website is the one sent to us via the iAdvize.vStats command:

3. Does the agent logged in have the necessary skills to answer my visitor?

Let's take a simple example: the trigger criterion for the rule named "Home Targeting Rule" is "URL of the current page contains". If the URL of the page on which you are currently checking the iAdvize display meets this requirement, a chat support invitation should be displayed.

Your agent is logged in, the solution is properly installed and yet, there is still no chat invitation displayed. Now, you need to check that your agent fulfills the conditions to receive this chat. 


a. Which languages and channels are supported by the agent connected to the platform?

In the profile of the agent logged in to the platform, we will check which languages are spoken and which channels are supported, (this article describes how to edit an account: Create or edit a user account)



Once this is done, you will have to check that the browser on which you are doing your test is configured in one of the languages spoken by the agent: Change Chrome languages

b. Check the routing of the rule triggered:

The last element you will have to check concerns the distribution of conversations resulting from this rule. In fact, we make sure that the agent belongs to the relevant routing group: the routing engine functioning is explained in details in this article: the routing engine.

If the rule which targets the "Règle Ciblage Home" homepage is distributed, for example, according to the routing rule called "Distribution Accueil" to the "Groupe accueil" routing group.

And that the condition to belong to the "groupe accueil" is to have the "Page d'accueil" skill. 

Then, we must check that this skill has been added to the agent's profile.

Once these checks have been carried out if iAdvize is still not available on your website, then contact our support team. The customer angels will take over and perform in-depth checks (Contact the iAdvize Support team).